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Optimize your workforce management with our advanced scheduling solution. Streamline the process of assigning tasks, allocating resources, and managing employee availability. Boost productivity, improve efficiency, and enhance communication within your team, ensuring optimal utilization of resources and delivering exceptional results. 


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Team Schedule enables managers and employees to plan complex time shift scenarios easily and efficiently. By applying country and company-specific real-time validations Our Solution reduces the possibility of payroll errors and allows the responsible personnel to be warned about potential compliance issues at an early stage. Team Schedule natively integrates with SAP SuccessFactors, extending its core capabilities to provide a secure, consistent, and seamless user experience. 


Reduce Time for Schedule Creation

Make even the most complicated time planning and scheduling straightforward and easy to understand with a full team view and support for flexible shift assignments, cross-midnight shifts, and more.

Improve Compliance

Our predefined set of validations helps support errorless and compliant time scheduling, with a flexible framework that allows for simple and quick adjustments of validations to keep pace with changing requirements.

Improve Engagement

Streamline your Management and boost productivity with our inline communication tools. Empower your employees to contribute to the scheduling process and reduce offline communication, saving valuable time and resources.

Reduce time to Maximize Shift KPIs

Simplify the process of selecting the right employee for each shift, considering their skills and the required number of employees. Have effective Planning by assigning specific resources and premises to your workforce.

Save time and money with quick and cost-efficient deployment.

SAP Cloud Platform hosting allows for a painless, “one-click” deployment process, and using SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central as a database keeps operational efforts and costs low.

Save time and money with quick and cost-efficient deployment.

SAP Cloud Platform hosting allows for a painless, “one-click” deployment process, and using SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central as a database keeps operational efforts and costs low.

Key Features


Establish full transparency across your enterprise

Our Team View gives managers complete visibility of employees’ working time and absences, allowing them to see the entire team workload distribution on a weekly or monthly basis to avoid scheduling errors and make smarter decisions.


Project Schedules

Simplify planning with flexible scheduling tools

Save time when scheduling multiple team members simultaneously by offering intuitive change, drag-and-drop, and copy-paste operations. Use the already predefined schedule templates or create brand-new ones on the go.

Minimize errors

Minimize errors in employee scheduling

The Real time customized Data validations for time planning and recording ensure that the Solution will not allow violation of the legal working time regulations.


Project Schedules

Schedule generating

Automating the scheduling process saves time and increases productivity. By reducing manual scheduling tasks, managers can focus on supporting their teams and improving overall operations. This results in a more efficient and effective workforce management process, ultimately leading to improved business performance.

The Best Solutions for Agencies and Business Companies



Team scheduling is crucial in Мanufacturing to ensure that production lines are staffed with the right number of skilled workers at the right times, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency. It helps to manage employee fatigue, overtime, and compliance with labor laws, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.



Team scheduling is crucial to ensure that customer service representatives are available to handle customer inquiries and support requests. Proper scheduling also helps to manage staffing costs and ensure compliance with service level agreements, leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention.



team scheduling is important to ensure that there are enough staff to provide high-quality services to customers, such as hotel accommodation, food and beverage, and tour activities. It also helps to reduce the used overtime, minimize turnover, and maintain compliance with labor laws, leading to increased revenue and customer loyalty.

Team scheduling is essential for every industry with complex time scheduling processes as it ensures efficient use of resources, maximizes productivity, and minimizes errors. With streamlined scheduling, organizations can reduce labor costs, improve employee satisfaction, and maintain compliance with labor laws and regulations. Additionally, accurate and timely scheduling helps organizations to meet the demands of their customers while staying competitive in the market.